Creative Arts Therapy/Counselling

Wellness and Meaning Making through Connecting and Art Making.

Luke Elliot



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Individual and Group Inquiry

"Social support is not the same as merely being in the presence of others. The critical issue is reciprocity: being truly heard and seen by the people around us, feeling that we are held in someone else's mind and heart. For our physiology to calm down, heal and grow we need a visceral feeling of safety." Bessel Van der Kolk

  1. Services
    Individual Companioning/ Counselling Inquiry into meaning making through companioning and shared experiencing. Companioning is a form of counselling where the counsellor shares the experiencing of the personal inquiry in an engaged, co- creative process of multi-modal exploration. The companion and inquirer share the intersubjective space of inquiry through art making and reflection.
  2. Services
    Relationship counselling Relationship counselling through reflection of self, other and the relationship as object. Using companioning and refection through art making we inquire into the relationship from the perspectives of self, other and the relationship itself in search of values, needs and wants and patterns of behaviour.
  3. Services
    Group exploration and relationship building Group exploration and relationship building through art making and activities. A community approach to relationship building and inquiry into self and other. Using companioning on a group level we share experiencing around relationship building, self awareness, understanding, and art making in a safe, supportive, inclusive environment.
  4. Services
    Inquiry through acting, performance and expression Confidence and relationship building through connecting with self and others. This happens through a process of self awareness and shared experiencing with the companion, with a focus on acting and physicalisation as craft. The focus of this inquiry is on body, mind and expression and the connection between all three.
  5. Services
    Physical inquiry and mindfulness Physical self awareness and wellbeing through the act of movement and physicalisation with an emphasis on breathing and mindfulness. This practice aims to help heal and provide physical and mental strength through shared self development and experiencing.
  6. Services

Fees: start at $90 for an hour and a half session.

Most companioning sessions will take place approximately over this time frame but may extend longer without cost.

Length of continued inquiry is needs based and emergent and continually negotiated with the inquirer.

All art making materials are supplied.

Some evidence of art making maybe recorded with the inquirers permisson for future reference.

ndis provider no. 4050043125

No referrals necessary

Note; this practice does not constitute a mental health plan.

No material created in the intersubjective space will be used for promotional purposes without the approval of the inquirer.